The Church started as a result of the three days outreach carried out on the 24th of October through the 26th of October, 1997 by the Evangelism Department of Ebenezer Baptist Church, 50A Campbell Street, Lagos Island. The Team was lead by the Associate Pastor (Daniel A. Akano) who was the Church Evangelism and Discipleship pastor.
The following departments of the Church were among the team: The BSF, WMU. Sunday school and the wife of the church pastor Mrs. Oladejo. The three days outreach was attended by member of Ogo-Oluwa Baptist Church Odogunya and their Pastor ( Revd. D.O. Idowu ) who lead some of his church members to join in the Three Days Crusade. The role Revd. D.O. Idowu and some of his Church members played in the development of the Church cannot be over emphasized. They were really source of encouragement to the Evangelism team during and after the crusade.
The first day of the crusade was marked with a short exhortation by Pastor Daniel Akano while the opening prayer was said by Mrs. Oladejo after which the first film was shown and at the end of the first day of the crusade twenty- six souls gave their life to Jesus Christ. The second day was another fulfilling out pouring of the Holy Spirit as the film was shown and at the end fourteen souls gave their life to Christ. The closing prayer for the crusade was said by Pastor /Evangelist Idowu of the Ogo-Oluwa BC. Among the new convert were Bro. Ezenwa and Mr&Mrs Benard.
It is worth to say that, the Family of Mr and Mrs D.O. Oloruntimileyin were the host of the evangelism team and were among the families the LORD used to make the the first Sunday worship a reality through their participation, and hospitality in kind and cash.
The first Sunday Worship after the Crusade marked the establishment of the church on the 26th October 1997. The total number of worshipper that Sunday was thirty-four (34). The first message was preached by Pastor Akano. He spoke on the topic “The Church That Must Grow” and he encouraged members that the Church that most grow must be a Church with a Vision. He concluded by making it known that ”This Church is a Church with a Difference’