Men Missionary Union

The Men’s Missionary Union (MMU) is an organization for men (Baptist Men’s Fellowship) under the auspices of Nigerian Baptist Convention.

The Men Missionary Union of Union Baptist Church believes in absolute obedience to the Great Command of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a ministry, our focus is to ensure that every man is saved and highly rooted in the Word of God. We are concerned about all round development of every man in the church. We believe on the Word of God that says let every man raises a holy hand unto the Almighty Father therefore we are concerned with development of effective prayer life of every man in MMU.

It is our concern that every man is financially empowered and duly contented with what he has. Furthermore, we believe that every couple in the church should have an enjoyable marital life, filled with the Spirit of the Lord and with attending sense of belonging.

In compliance with the Nigerian Baptist Convention directive, the group metamorphosed into Men Missionary Union. This organization has embarked on various developmental mission projects in the church. Under the pastoral leadership of Revd Dr. Olayiwola in collaboration with the past and present MMU executives, weekly assembly enjoys impressive attendance with programmes touching on the spiritual, welfare, health, family life, and financial empowerment of individual members.

The MMU cooperates fully with departments of the church such as the WMU and Youth Fellowship in the execution of missionary projects and other programmes such as outdoor witnessing, Mothers’ Day, Youth Week and Couples’ Day to mention but a few.



Touching the lives of boys … impacting the eternity in men! Moving forward from Glory to Glory



The objectives of the Men’s Missionary Union are as follows:

i.To follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

ii.To implement and carry out the following basic tasks of mission activities

â– Engage in Mission activities

â– Teach Missions

â– Pray for Missions

â– Give to Missions

â– Interpret and under guard the work of the Church and denomination

iii.To help converts to grow by giving them good examples of Christian living, and teaching and grooming them to form good habits in their prayer life.

  1. To maintain our family alters as the head of the family providing for our family both spiritually and physically.
  2. To co-operate with Nigerian Baptist Convention in the promotion of the home and foreign mission programmes.
  3. To promote the works of the Royal Ambassadors in the Church.



The membership is made up of: Baptist men (ages 36 and above)

Baptist young men (ages 25 – 35)


The MMU coordinates the affairs of Royal Ambassadors of the Church.


The Royal Ambassadors is the name of a Baptist worldwide missionary organization for boys between the ages of 10 and 35 – an international organization found in many countries of the world, wherever there are Baptists. The organization in Nigeria is called Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria (RAN).

In its mission education and ministry plan, RAN has a foundational Christian education plans for Junior RA, boys between the ages of 10 and 12; basic discipleship plans for Intermediate RA, boys from age 13 to 16 (or Secondary School age); and solid mission education and action plans for Senior RA, who are boys within ages 17 and 24.


Helping boys in spiritual development and discipleship.

Equipping boys for mission action.

Ensuring educational and career development of boys.

Promoting social awareness, responsibility and responsiveness of Royal Ambassador

Promoting personal commitment demonstrated in stewardship of life, churchmanship and denominational interest, and understanding as well as appreciation of Baptist beliefs and practices.

Enabling members’ personality, potentiality, and dignity development.


The MMU as a ministry believes in witnessing to men within and outside the Church.