Children Ministry is very important in the household of God. This ministry is meant to care for the spiritual, physical and moral growth of the young ones in the congregation. The ministry’s purpose is to teach, counsel and visit the children, meet their parents occasionally to enhance all round development of such children to the glory of God.

1. To obey the Lord commandment that say we should train a child in the way of the Lord (Prov.22:6 Matt18:140.
2. To catch our children young for Christ so that when they grow up they will not depart from it (Prov.29:17).
3. To obey the Great commission. He said we should make disciples for him. These include the children (Matt20:19).
4. To be able to pass to them the legacy of Christian faith (Psalm78:1-7).
5. To make our children profitable to God, follow human-being, the church and the nation.
6. To disciple them and make them God’s children.
7. Children ministry is to prevent the problem of generation gap in the nearest futures.
8. To ensure continuity in our churches.
9. To make children sources of blessings to their family, the church, the society and the Nation as a whole.
10. To let them see themselves as sinners and seek God’s forgiveness. (Matt18:14).


To ensure effective impartation of Bible Based Knowledge and right attitude in children, children teachers are given regular training so as to enrich their knowledge.