The Victorious Voices

The Choir unit is charged with the responsibility of coordinating and carrying out praise and worship section for the church as at when necessary, lead and enliven the congregation’s song. We the choir is also charged with the responsibility to sing beautiful and challenging music to glorify God and to edify the congregation.

The Choir unit of Victory Baptist Church is segmented into 3, namely:

  • The Vocals- which is sub-divided into: Treble/Soprano, Alto and Tenor Singers
  • The Instrumentalists who plays various musical instruments
  • The Sound Engineers who regulates the compressed sounds that are produced through various means of communication.

O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving and make a joyful noise unto Him with psalms. Psalm 95: 1-2


Mission/Vision Statement:

  • To exalt God by utilizing our musical gifts to sing His praise and tell of His salvation, goodness and love through songs. Our goal is that our songs are pleasing to God as we worship in Sprit and in truth reaching out to the weary and unrepentant souls and leading them to JESUS
  • To glorify Jesus Christ by allowing Him to use the choir as a tool by working through each individual choir member to:


Be effective in our ministry to our congregational family through the worshipful singing and leading of hymns and spiritual songs.

Prepare the hearts of the congregation to receive and apply the Word of God in their daily walk with God.

Be an example to the other members of the body of Christ.

Be fully committed and faithful in attending rehearsals and worship services.


It is a privilege to serve God!