This department which is created for the purpose of taking care of some of the members who are passing through one challenge or the other. The people of focus are:

  • The widows/widowers
  • The Jobless
  • The less priviledge e.t.c.

We also take care of visiting ministers, invited guests during revival, annual thanksgiving, anniversary and so on.

The church at the end of the year (Christmas period) through the welfare department, show love to members mentioned above and non-members(if the church is informed)of their challenges. The church do go out  to distribute gifts and proclaim to them about the loves of Jesus.

We purchase the following food items/provisions for distribution for members on monthly basisi: rice, beans, semo, elubo, groundnut oil, beverages, tin-tomatoes, maggi e.t.c.

We pray that the church of God will continue to move forward and no gate of hell will prevail.


Welfare Director